Meet some of the folks who have hosted jams around town....

As soon as you've gotten yourself a drink, something to eat, if available, and found a seat, make it a point to get tuned up, check all your gear and be ready to roll. Arriving onstage unprepared and spending the next 10 minutes tuning up and adjusting your cables is a show stopper, and not appreciated. It's disrespectful to the audience and it robs your fellow jammers of precious playing time. Don't rely on the jam hosts or other musicians to lend you cords or instruments.

Please remember that you are a band member. On nearly every jam set, you'll find that the band is led by an experienced player/singer who will choose the songs and hand out the solos. They'll always try to make sure that every other player who wants to play a solo gets at least one opportunity per number. When that opportunity comes your way, go for it!
Then, no matter how impressive your chops might be, revert to being a member of the rhythm section while others play. "Sit in the pocket" and give your fellow jammers room to breathe. Squash that urge to fill every spare moment with a note or riff. Don't splurge all over someone else's solo or let your rhythm-playing drown out their lead.Above all, keep eye contact with your fellow players for signals, stops and tempo cues.

It is imperative that you give vocalists room to sing. Playing over a vocalist, in any capacity other than quiet rhythm, denotes a "stage hog" or someone who is unable to play with a group. Please be respectful of your vocalists. Turn down and back off when they are singing. Anyone who plays over vocalists, or treats other jammers who are soloing without respect, will be reminded of this.


There is now a jam at Stottlemyers Smokehouse on Fruitville Road, beginning at 6 pm. Every Tuesday.

There is a pro jam hosted by Brenda Watty and her band each Tuesday night at Nicky's, 49 South Palm in Sarasota



Al Fuller has been running his blues jam for over 24 years. It's located at Nicky's, 49 South Palm Avenue in Sarasota. Al's jam always boasts the best players, and often includes musicians who have earned fame: like Dickey Betts, Neil Larson, Pat McDonald, and Sidney James Wingfield. Every Wednesday night, 7:30 to 10:30 pm. MORE


The Usual Suspects host a jam in the sand at the Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe on Holmes Beach each week during fall, winter and spring months (weather permitting) on Thursdays. Start times vary depending on the time of the year, so call and check ahead. Pete Straw fronts the band, with Skip Metheny on drums, Bob LaFlamme on bass, Tom Carrano on guitar. MORE

T-Bone hosts a live jam at LQ Downtown on Main Street, Sarasota every Saturday night. Back line for players, 8 until midnight.

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