Meet some of the folks who have hosted jams around town....

As soon as you've gotten yourself a drink, something to eat, if available, and found a seat, make it a point to get tuned up, check all your gear and be ready to roll. Arriving onstage unprepared and spending the next 10 minutes tuning up and adjusting your cables is a show stopper, and not appreciated. It's disrespectful to the audience and it robs your fellow jammers of precious playing time - a guaranteed way to make yourself VERY unpopular. If you're going to use footpedals, please be sure you have enough cords for them. Don't rely on the jam hosts or other musicians to lend you cords or instruments.

Please remember that you are a band member.

On nearly every jam set, you'll find that the band is led by an experienced player/singer who will choose the songs and hand out the solos. They'll always try to make sure that every other player who wants to play a solo gets at least one opportunity per number. When that opportunity comes your way, go for it!
Then, no matter how impressive your chops might be, revert to being a member of the rhythm section while others play. "Sit in the pocket" and give your fellow jammers room to breathe. Squash that urge to fill every spare moment with a note or riff. Don't splurge all over someone else's solo or let your rhythm-playing drown out their lead.Above all, keep eye contact with your fellow players for signals, stops and tempo cues.

It is imperative that you give vocalists room to sing.

Playing over a vocalist, in any capacity other than quiet rhythm, denotes a "stage hog" or someone who is unable to play with a group. Please be respectful of your vocalists. Turn down and back off when they are singing. Anyone who plays over vocalists, or treats other jammers who are soloing without respect, will be reminded of this.


Johnny Guitar and Bluestar Band host the Sarasota Blues Jam on a bi-weekly basis. Johnny is a bluesman, and has played all over Florida. He continues his tradition of "visiting with the audience", or taking his song around the room, sometimes on bended knee, as the band continues to play the blues. Johnny is joined by Skofield on the keyboards (and at times the trombone,) and Beth Hammer on the bass.

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Larry is originally from Chicago with over 30 years experience performing. He has lived and played in Miami, the Florida Keys, Philadelphia, and now S.W. Florida. He has shared the stage with Son Seals, Robyn Robins (Bob Seger), Wesley Wright of the Miami Sound Machine, and Hank Williams Jr., to name a few. poulos

Greg Poulos really needs no introduction on the Sarasota scene, as a fine teacher, guitar player and vocalist. Greg played with the famous Freddy King band when he was just out of his teens, and has continued to hone his skills and build up his vocals with The Venturas, and The Hazardous Angels. Come join Greg onstage!


Howlin' Bob Fieberts is another great guitarist and vocalist who has been instrumental in setting up jams throughout the Sarasota area. His guitar expertise allows him to teach, and Bob is a boon to newcomers and professionals. Bob's cutting edge skills enable him to bring a low key resonance to the stage, as he makes sure everyone on stage has an enjoyable jam experience.


Savannah Brady is just 15 years old, and has been studying guitar with Jami Gee. Her forays into the blues world have brought her considerable attention, as she's a very talented youngster. Savannah also plays the violin with considerable skill.



Seamlessly injecting his impassioned
guitar solos into the mix with professional
musicians since the age of 18, Bobby
Dielman’s luminous and riveting performances
have earned him notice both here and abroad.
Bobby toured extensively in the U.S., as well
as in Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain
before settling in Sarasota, Florida.


Carolyn Davis has been singing and playing music since she was a youngster, and currently plays with The Velvet Hammer Band, Main Street Station Band, and continues to solo at venues around town. At the jam, Carolyn adds not only her vocals, but her guitar and keyboard chops to the mix. Appearing with Carolyn is pedal steel player Andrew Perry.


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