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Itís important to hear yourself at a jam, but listening to the other musicians is just as importantósometimes that means knowing when not to play. Sensitivity to volume cues is particularly helpful in the unrehearsed jam environment because the last thing venues and audiences want is the jammers endlessly turning up the volume in a decibel battle. Be courteous, be considerate, always take the time to talk to other jammers.

Hopefully we've been able to share some tips for you about the jams in our area. We're not sure if folks in other areas run them in the same manner, and I'm sure there are some here in town where "full-blast" is the rule of thumb. There are some excellent professional jams around town, and we're going to provide a list of them here for you. If you are running a jam in the area and wish to be included in this listing, please send a message to Thank you.

Brenda Watty's All Star Jam at Nicky's, 49 South Palm Avenue, every Tuesday night 7 pm until 10. MORE

Al Fuller's Famous Blues Jam at Nicky's, 49 South Palm Avenue in Sarasota, 7:30 until 10:30 pm. Every Wednesday night. MORE

Thursday around 5 (check the time) The Usual Suspects at the Anna Maria Island Cafe (Jam In The Sand) Holmes Beach MORE

Saturday 8 pm T-Bone's Jam On Main, at LQ on Main Street Sarasota just east of Mattisons.


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